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Shifters - 2 :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 3 4 Shifters - 1 :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 3 0
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H-A: I've lost conrrol of my life tbh :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 5 1
H-A: Peter loves cute clothes ok :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 8 2 H-A: The Biggest Lapcat :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 7 4
H-A RP Log: First Meeting

Arlie stepped out of the car, in front of the gates to his new school. He assessed the building critically- it wasn't as spectacular-looking as he expected, but it would have to do. He turned and watched a servant pull his luggage out from the trunk for a moment, before turning back and spotting a familiar Mareep. "Peter?"
Peter stood nervously in front of the school. Despite all the talking, the calls, the chatter, part of him honestly still feared that Arlie simply wouldn't show up today like he said he would. He shoved his hands in his pockets, rocking on his heels in wait for his boyfriend. Boyfriend! It'd been a year and he still couldn't believe it. The mareep had to keep himself from squishing his hands into his cheeks when he saw the car drive up, Arlie stepping out. Finally they'd be meeting in person! Finally he'd hear Arlie's voice without the warp of the phone! "Arlie!" he shouted, running towards th
:iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 4 5
H-A: Vodka Aunt [Sunny App] :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 11 4 H-A: being manipulative as a reflex :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 8 0 H-A: Alastair mini sketch dump :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 13 7 H-A: AN ANTAGONIST :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 14 10 Amelie Devlin :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 7 8
H-A RP Log: Just A Game Of Chess
solidant: Such a beautiful day outside, the sun was out and there was a nice crisp breeze. It was the perfect day to stay inside and do some work, or at least play chess in Antonio's case. The chess club, club room was peacefully quiet and no one was really around to bother him. He sat at a table with a game set up as if he was going to play someone, but in reality he was just trying to find some peace and not walk in on his roommate checking themselves out in a mirror for the umpteenth time. Still would be nice to have someone to expl- chat with, at least then he would be amused and not tired and bored.
MEG4LOVANIA: It wasn't as if Peter was new to this school, having been attending for over a year now, but really he'd just not succeeded in making friends. Upon asking Arlie for advice-- as usual-- it'd been suggested he join a club or two. Long story short, Peter'd made his way into the chess club room because he thought himself actually decent at that. "Um.. hello?" the
:iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 4 0
H-A: Volta Heart Chart :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 5 2 H-A: Yaron Heart Chart :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 5 2 H-A: Peter Heart Chart :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 7 7 H-A: FEAR YOUR OWN TYPE (Jonah App) :iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 10 8


.:H-A:. Sketch Dump (1) :iconcrystallizedpastel:CrystallizedPastel 11 6 Mothheart :iconshinigamisilver:ShinigamiSilver 3 1 Nya :iconmemeathon:memeathon 13 6 Free Cat Adopts (OPEN) :iconmemeathon:memeathon 11 25 Doll Boy :iconmemeathon:memeathon 6 5 Edgelord :iconmemeathon:memeathon 4 0
Fall Festival: Annaleis
 Annaleis was sitting along in her classroom, poking her lunch more than eating it. Some teachers chose to eat in the cafeteria with students, and others in the break room with their coworkers, but Ms. Bonfils was content eating on her own. There were multiple reasons for this- the cafeteria was undoubtedly loud and chaotic, and the yelling of the students scared her (as ashamed as she was to say that she could be frightened when a child raised their voice at her). For the most part, she wasn’t close enough to any of the other teachers to eat with them. There wasn’t as much a fear element to it (the teachers tended to be much calmer than the pupils), but the small talk was painfully awkward to her, and she was sure she came off badly during it. Not to mention that she ate very little anyway, and with how thin she was, that might bring up unnecessary concerns about her health. She was content eating in her own classroom.
She wasn’t always alone- she sometimes invi
:iconmemeathon:memeathon 2 2
Interaction. :icondevpose:devpose 869 34 Mamma Bird :iconmemeathon:memeathon 3 3 Harmonia-Academy :: Sona :iconnenobedo:nenobedo 28 16 .:H-A:. snek teacher hissss :iconpoochyroseblossom:PoochyRoseBlossom 11 6 Abi Poses - April 2014 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 1,380 80
Battle Practice Gone Wrong: RP Log (Part 1)
Memeathon: Brandon, glancing around his Battle Practice class, noticed someone else was there he didn't remember. Had this class gotten bigger? Was that even possible? It was already, like, half the school. "Hey, new girl!" He called to the Buizel. "Water you doin' over there?"
Teddybears-hearts: Scylla looked around. She'd never been in an outdoor class before. All of the students  were chattering around outside, grouping off into pairs. Scylla felt very out of place. She was about to go up to the teacher and ask what to do, when a student, a bit taller than her, walked up behind behind her.
"Hn? Nothing I suppose. I do not exactly know what I am to be doing." She said formally, the pun going over her head.
Memeathon: Brandon grinned. "Well, this is Battle Practice, so I guess we need to practice battling. Guess I should check your defense." He gently punched her in the arm.
Teddybears-hearts: Scylla gave the fire type a look.
"Oh, we are working on defense? I understand." She sa
:iconmemeathon:memeathon 4 1
Don't cry :iconhoudidoo:Houdidoo 121 6 Spoopy Pup :iconmemeathon:memeathon 5 0 mistakes were made :iconpoochyroseblossom:PoochyRoseBlossom 8 3


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==>Be the fanartist.
You go by CRYPH. You're a NERDY ARTIST who mostly draws FANART. Your main fandoms right now are HOMESTUCK, UNDERTALE, and HETALIA. Your favourite characters are DAVE, SANS and PRUSSIA. You do a mix of DIGITAL and TRADITIONAL art, thought you tend to draw each in spurts of the same. You also WRITE A LITTLE BIT, though it's nearly always LAME FANFICTION. You're willing to make FRIENDS but are also A BIG PROCRASTINATOR and would like to apologize to anyone who sends you a message that you didn't reply to!

<Yo!! shoot me a comment or a note if ya wanna talk i like friends
just a lame fandom noodle>

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Shifters - 2
finger guns
should i save this one for later in case i dont have an update?
will i?

previous -
Shifters - 1
working title probably lmao
heres this
yes i know my art style has changed a ton

next -
as many of you know im dead
actually not dead, grounded
but idk if im actually allowed be on here but ya see
i cannot stay away

i dont think i'll be able to be "active"
(including in my rp groups rip i WILL RETURN EVENTUALLY)
but i may post and talk a lil
im drawing a comic?
with me and memeathon 's characters
(it would help if you'd text me back @ meme)

hows the last 6 months been??



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