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I spent about an hour on this XD Mspainted, I'm rather proud of it though it sucks because I did this with a mouse. 
EDIT: Made shading smoother and all that crap with gimp.
Adopted here
Chibi Adoptables [CLOSE] by LillaLyka-Adopt with minor edits to outfit and hair.
More info in a minute concerning stuff and I'll go ahead and give her a big long description. :) I'll post the lineart free to use if anyone wants it.


Name (Nickname): Kalya Chambers (Not sure yet. ideas?)


Race: Human

List three to five most important things about your character. 
I'll come up with this later :XD:

-Physical Details-

Build/Body Type/Physical Frame: Thin, long legged

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 98 pounds

Light tan, not very noticable

Hair: Smooth red-brown color, long and straight, almost always worn in a ponytail

Eyes: Green

Tends to tap her foot when she's nervous (i.e. speaking to a class)

Moces her hands around when she talks a lot

Quickly, tends to walk on her toes

Tends to speak with a fake British accent (When she was younger she and her friends would imitate accents and they lingered)


:bulletgreen:Kalya's favorite outfit is a loose green shirt with a belt, a pair of jeans, with her green tennis shoes and socks. (Before you ask, her favorite color IS green.)
 :bulletblue:She has a short blue dress with a purple belt as well, which she wears with purple tights and blue flats when she goes out. 
:bulletpurple:When relaxing or sleeping she wheres a yellow-green tank top and dark blue sweat pants, or dark blue shorts on hotter nights. 
:bulletgreen:Her usual winter getup is a puffy blue coat and warm jeans, along with a pair of black boots with a gold buckle. 
:bulletblue:When swimming she wears a green bikini with blue and purple dots.
:bulletpurple:She occasionally dresses up crazily with her friends and goes to a restaurant, acting normal. (They typically order diet waters). On occasions such as this she wheres a bright purple cowgirl hat with her hair down, a three-quarter-sleeved neon green t-shirt with a picture of a bunny on it, a green, blue and purple tutu, blue tights and glittery pink boots. The outfit is completed with a large pair of nerd glasses.


Part One: Basic Info
Furry animals, chocolate, basically any kind of food, her friends, being crazy, the internet

Annoying people, people who are too popular, tomatoes, insults

Kalya likes swimming in the summer, but most of the time she writes and occasionally draws.

Writing stories (she enjoys telling them to her friends), singing (though she doesnt do it often)

Not sure yet. She wants to publish a series someday, though
Irrational fear of .. I'm working on it XD
Best Quality: 
Almost always keeps promises

Greatest Flaw: 
Tends to tell secrets, not afraid of spreading rumors

Character Strengths:
:bulletgreen: Able to write a story from 3rd person view quite easily
:bulletblue: Great at jokes, has a good sense of humour
And the coinciding weaknesses:
:bulletpurple: Fails at writing in 1st person
:bulletgreen: Doesnt easily go from funny to serious
:bulletgreen:Cant help but speak with an accent
:bulletblue: Walks quickly, leaving her friends behind by accident
:bulletpurple:Clumsy sometimes

One thing he/she is and one thing he/she is not. 
Crazy but not totally wacko (Totally wacko = i.e. I like your head. *head rub*)

What he/she wants (ex: move towards) and doesn’t want (ex: move away from, avoid) 
Wants to get better at writing but not let it take over her life

Part Two: In-depth Analysis 

How does the character picture himself/herself?
Someone fast and mediocre at writing, with many flaws

How do others see him/her?
Crazy and a great writer

Five adjectives that he/she would use to describe his/herself.
Author (THAT IS AN ADJECTIVE), insane, amusing, shy, ignorant
Five adjectives others would use to describe him/her.
Author, crazy, funny, shy, sometimes annoying
Most valued possession:
A silver necklace with a gold locket. A picture of her two best friends is on the inside. The three pooled their money to buy the set of three.
Darkest secret and/or treasured memory:
I need some help with this XD
Most proud accomplishment and or greatest failure:
Getting a short book published/falling into a river while giving a presentation on a location 
How does he/she view the future and/or the past?
She views the future as something he had to look forward to, and the past som

What is his/her philosophy on life and death?
"Life is too short. Eat dessert first."
What kind of energy level do they usually have?
Typically quite hyper.
Does he/she have a temper?
Not really but she gets pretty mad when she IS mad

Polite or rude?
Mostly polite
What kind of ‘public’ face does he/she display?
Shy, doesn't like talking to strangers

Leader or a follower?
Follower, usually
More happy by themselves or in a group?
In her group of friends

Present day, resides in Minnesota

Not eligible, too young

Educational background/other learning experiences: 
Through elementary and halfway through middle school
Intelligence Level:
Pretty smart
Short Term Goals:
Finish school already XD
Long Term Goals:
Publish a series, finish college to become a.. something. She doesnt know yet.
Mother- Kalya has a great relationship with her mother, who she talks to a lot 
Father- She loves her dad as much as her mom but doesn't talk to him as much 
Older Sister- Kalya has a 16 year old sister named Jessica. She's not exactly on good terms with her sister but on girly things they talk a lot.
Ari Wheeler- One of her two best friends. Ari is easy to talk to for Kalya but since Ari talks a lot it's sometimes hard to get a word in. 
Connie Autenberry- Connie is definitely the weirder of Kalya's two best friends but she love sher all the same. Connie is more sensitive than Ari.


i'd love to RP her! But be warned I've never roleplayed humans in my life XD be prepared for me to screw up. Thats odd considering i AM a human.

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I love this :)  thank you so much  :D
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You're welcome ^^ I'm kinda proud of it too ;3
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